Why Brain Games are Good For Your Toddler

Getting children to engage in activities that stimulate their brain where a screen is not involved can be a hard task. And let’s face it: Generation Alpha is quite tech-savvy. They spend most of their time on smartphones.

With endless options of cartoons available online, it can be quite tempting to let them watch a little more than they are supposed to, as you get a few things done specially now when most people are working from home.

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However, screen time doesn’t have to be spent watching cartoons hours on end. You can take advantage of their obsession with screen-time to introduce them to educational games that can help stimulate their little brains.

The good news is that there are endless brain games online parents can make good use of to expose their children to unconventional knowledge where they learn and do things at their own pace. These games are fun, but what makes them even more interesting is the fact that they teach quality skills such as creative thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills among many others.

Great Brain Games For Children

*Word Hunt

*Blue Block



*Brain Fitness

*Simply Smarter Kids



These are just a few options available online, but the list is endless. Brain games come with endless benefits to a child’s developing brain. Also, it might be easier having them play a game compared to other activities such as reading a book.

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